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Parents, Take Charge of Your Mental Health: Connect to the Resources You Need

Parenting is hard even in the best circumstances, and some of the challenges Veterans face can make it even more stressful and difficult. However, through treatment, Veterans can learn to manage their mental health and become better mothers and fathers.

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Make the Connection, a site provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs, provides real stories from Veterans and their families about their experiences, challenges and recovery. Watch, read and listen to Veterans discuss their journeys to improved mental and physical health, better communication and more successful and healthy parenting skills.

Read about Aaron, who found it difficult to transition out of the Navy. He distanced himself from his wife and children, numbing his emotions until he joined a Veterans support group and began therapy. Hear Kelly’s story, a Marine who became volatile with her daughter and suffered from angry outbursts until she began group therapy with other female Veterans.

Make the Connection is easy to navigate and includes a wide range of helpful topics.

  • Watch videos and filter them by gender, military branch, era or combat experience to make a connection to something you’re experiencing in your own life.
  • Listen to podcasts on a variety of mental health challenges and the inspiring ways people seek help and recover.
  • Read and sort stories by topics that are meaningful to your journey including alcohol or substance abuse, depression, anger, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, relationship problems, the death of a loved one and much more.

No matter what you are going through, there are resources available to help. Learn how to find the right support and treatment options for you and build healthier, stronger relationships with your loved ones.

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