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Celebrating Our Nation’s Bravest: National Medal of Honor Day

An Army officer in Vietnam who flew his crippled aircraft into intense enemy fire to rescue five of his wounded comrades, a Marine in Afghanistan who moved toward a grenade, severely wounding himself, but saving the lives of his fellow Marines; these are just two of the incredible stories of Veterans who have received the Medal of Honor, the military’s highest award for valor in action.

The Medal Itself

On March 25th, we celebrate National Medal of Honor Day to honor the recipients and foster public appreciation for their service.

The Medal of Honor is a symbol of the values displayed by its recipients, representing bravery, courage, sacrifice, integrity, patriotism and citizenship. The medal began as a simple idea during the Civil War to bestow “medals of honor” on those who went above and beyond the call of duty. Since then, the medal has undergone some legislative and design changes, but it has always stood for actions that go above and beyond, given to those who demonstrate a deep love of country and the desire to always do what is right.

A Day of Appreciation

MOH Recipient Sammy Davis speaks to TriWest employeesOn March 25, we celebrate National Medal of Honor Day to honor the recipients and foster public appreciation for their service. We salute their incredible sacrifice and are reminded of the amazing bravery and patriotism demonstrated by all our Service members. Of the 3,511 people who have been awarded the Medal of Honor, 66 recipients are still living. Each year on this day, the recipients lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery.

This day also gives us a chance to reinforce the ideals behind the medal. The Congressional Medal of Honor Society, comprised of medal recipients, continues to serve the nation through outreach and education. Their mission is to share their stories and connect to other Service members, students, Veterans and members of the public. Each year, the society shines a spotlight on citizens who have demonstrated service and sacrifice on behalf of others through their annual Citizen Honors Awards, reminding us that courage, sacrifice and patriotism can be displayed by all of us.

The TriWest Commitment

TriWest President and CEO David J. McIntyre, Jr. (right) receives Patriot AwardTriWest Healthcare Alliance (TriWest) has proudly been a supporter of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society and its Foundation for more than 20 years. Since 2003, TriWest has integrated the Medal of Honor recipients into its mission to give back to the Veteran and military communities. Medal of Honor recipients are invited to speak to TriWest employees about the values of the medal and the great responsibility we all share to care for Veterans and their families. In 2006, TriWest donated a collection of 140 portraits depicting Medal of Honor recipients to the Pentagon. The Visions of Valor collection is displayed at the Pentagon’s Hall of Heroes in Arlington, Virginia.

In 2020, the Congressional Medal of Honor Society granted TriWest President and CEO David J. McIntyre, Jr. its highest honor, the Patriot Award, “for decades of service that has positively impacted the lives of millions of active military families, first responders and Veterans.” In 2021, McIntyre was named Chairman of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, helping carry out its mission for the way ahead.

“These men embody the virtues to which we all aspire, and it is a great honor to support them as they endeavor to continue to selflessly make a difference,” McIntyre said.

Learn More

While March 25 is the official day to recognize Medal of Honor recipients, there are many additional ways to learn more:

  • Find out about events available to the public.
  • Connect to recipients through letters, email or an invitation to an event.
  • Download a free curriculum for educators.
  • Read about the unique stories behind the medal, including the first African American recipient, the first Latino recipient, the only female recipient and much more.

TriWest’s motto of doing “Whatever It Takes!®” demonstrates its commitment to living the values represented by the Medal of Honor. The recipients are a reminder to all of us that courage, sacrifice, commitment and integrity are values to which we can all aspire.

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