Michelle G. walking outdoors.

A Path to Healing: Hear an Inspiring Story from a Trauma Survivor

Strength and resilience became a TriWest employee’s outward approach as she underwent multiple surgeries, learned to breathe again on her own without intubation, and spent months in physical rehabilitation.

Michelle suffered severe injuries and trauma during a mass shooting while shopping on Aug. 3, 2019, in El Paso, Texas. She tells her story of recovery in a video, recalling her path to healing.

Michelle, TriWest Communications Liaison, provides a candid description of her trauma experience as well as how she found the strength and courage to move ahead, and not be “afraid of your story.”

Michelle shares her experience of how her physical recovery progressed as she learned to walk again and gradually regain the use of her right hand. The emotional trauma she had experienced was equally life-changing – and required equal care and attention, as part of navigating her journey to health and well-being.

In her words, hear how the path to healing is not linear or a straight line, and how every day doesn’t always look like progress for those who have endured deep trauma. And yet, how you can find hope and do the things you love.

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